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‘Search’ feature in Pilihkartu helps user to find the best credit card easily, in the fastest way. We have various method for user to explore credit cards we’ve been provided.


Still confuse in choosing some credit cards? Use Compare feature to find the best credit card. Save your time in looking for credit cards with compare feature! Once you try this, you’ll know that scanning one by one isn’t much effective!


Once you find the best credit card, apply directly online from the page! Klik ‘ajukan kartu kredit sekarang’ to apply credit cards online!

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Users is a king! As a credit cards comparison sites in Indonesia, Pilihkartu gathered informations of credit cards only from reliable sources. We also continue to improve our services, updating information, and providing comfortable and easiest access for users to our site.

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  • Smarttools Credit Card Pilihkartu

    Save your time in looking credit cards with our smarttools. Three steps only to find the best credit cards that suits you much. Try smarttools now!

  • User Category

    Don’t want a smarttools? Don’t worry because we still have another way to fulfill your curiosity in looking credit cards. Try user category feature on the right sidebar to look for credit cards based on occupation, bank issuer, credit cards network, etc.

  • Credit Cards Recommendation

    We also have our credit cards recommendations and we put it on the very front page so that you can find it easily! Explore our choices there and see whether it is fit with you or not.

How User Response on Pilihkartu?

Pilihkartu has an average daily visitors and it shows good. This means that Pilihkartu become one of their reliable sites in looking for credit card informations. With a user friendly design, we pretty much sure that we good at serve the users needs.

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Responsive Design

Access all of informations in Pilihkartu without worrying about device. Our pages, features, and tools can all be easily access normally in mobile devices (smartphone), tablet, or PCs.

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So, what are you waiting for? Put your ads with us now! Our complete database and rich informations of credit cards, easy access, and responsive design, is the reason we can gain visitors. Pilihkartu might be your next partner. If you interested in placing ads here, please submit your email address in the form below, and we’ll get back to you!

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